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94 The true Nature ofGofpelforgiveneß. Pfal.130. The true Nature of Goffiel forgiveneß Its Relation to the Good- f?, Grace, and Will ofGod. To the blood of Chriff. To the Promife of the Goßel. The Confiderations of Faitb about it. The true The difficulties that lye in the way offaiths dfeovery of for- Nature of givenefs, whence it appears tobe a matter of greater weight Gofpel and importance, than it is commonly apprehended to be, have forgivenefs. been inffled on in the foregoing Difccourfé. There is yet re- maining another ground of the fame Truth. Now this is taken from the Nature and Greatnefs of the thing it fell dif- covered, that is, of forgiveneß To this end I (hall thew, what it is, wherein it doth confft, what it comprizes and relates un- to, according to the importance of the.fecond Propofition-before laid down. I donot in this place take forgiveneß, firidly and precifely, for the an of pardoning; nor (hall I difpute what that is, and wherein it doth confift. Confciences that come with fin en- tanglcmentsunto God, know nothing of fuch di#utes. Nor will this Exprcffion, there is forgiveneßwith God, bear any filch rfftcidion, as that it (hould regard only atlual condonation or pardon. That which I have to do, is to enquire into the na- tureof that pardon, which poor convinced troubled fouls leek after ; and which the Scripture propofeth to them, for their reliefand refl. And I (hall not handle this abfolute- lj neither, but inRelation to the Truth under confideration namely, that it is a great tbing, to attain unto a true Guffiel dif- cover) of forgiveneßÌ.