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Ver.4. to thefree AltsofGods Will. 99 caufeGod is infinitely Gracious. For may he not do what he will with his own ? Wbo bathgivenfrft unto bill that itfhould be recompenced .unto him again? Rom. t r. 35. All the fruits of Gods Goodnels, and Grace, are in the foie keeping of his own. Soveraign Will àiad pleafure. This is his great Glory, Exod. 33. IS, 19. Shirr me t/yglory, faith Myes. And he Paid, I will make all my Good;refs pofs before thee, and I willproclaim the Horne of the Lord before thee ; andI will be Gracious to whom I will be Gracious. Upon that proclamation of the name ofGod, that he is merciful, gracious, longfufring, abundant in goodneß, Come might conclude that it could not be otherwife with any bat wep; he is fuch a one, as that m °n need Ccarce be be!!oldrng to him for Mercy ; Nay faith he, but this is my great glory, that /will be gracious to whom Iwill begracious. Theremuff b: an interpoftion of a free AUof the Wig! of God, to deal with us according to this his abundant goodneß, or wecan have no in- terell therein. This I call the purpofe of his Grace; or the good pleafure that he bath purpofd in hirfelf ; phef. 1. 9. or as it is termed, v. 5, 6. The good pleafure of his Will, that be hash purpoJd to the praife of his glorious grace. This free and gracious pleafure of God, or peep* of his Will to ad towards tìnners according to his own abundant goodneß, is another thing that influences theforgivenefl ofwhich we treat. Pardon flows immediately from a Soveraign AU of free Grace. This free purpafe ofGods will and Grace, for the pardoning of (inners, is indeed that which is principally intended, when we fay, there is forgivenefl withhim. That is, he is pleafed to forgive; and fo to do is agreeable Unto his nature. Now the Mytierie of this Grace is deep ; It is eternal, and therefore in- comprehenfible. Few there are whole hearts arc railed to a contemplation of it. Men reff and content themfelves in a general notion of mercy, which will not be advantagious to their fouls ; freed they would be from punilhment, but what it is to be forgiven they enquire.not. So what thep know of it, they come eafily by , but will find in the iffue, it will Rand them in little acad. But theCe fountains of Gods aaings, are revealed that they may be the fountains of our comforts. 0 2 Now