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o$ Forgivenefs. as it relates Pfal . i 3o. he, I am God and not Man; Confider the infinite largenefs , bounty,and goodnefs of the heart of God,and there is yet hope. When afirmer is in goodearneft feeking"afterforgiveneß,theie is nothing he is more felicitous about than the. heart of God to- wards him ; nothing that he more labours tohave a difcove- ry of; There is nothing that Sin and Satan labour more to hide fromhim ; This he rolls in his mind, and exercifes his thoughts about; and if ever that voyce of, God, Ifa. 27.4. Fury is not in me, found in his heart, he is relieved from his great diftreffes. And the fear of our hearts in this matter, our Saviour feems to intend the prevention or a removal of, John 16. 26, 27. I fay not that I willpray the Fatherforyou,ar the Father himfelf lovethyou. They had good thoughts of the Under heart and care ofChrifl himfelf, the Mediator, towards them ; but what is the heart of the lather, what acceptance full they find with him? Will Chrifl pray that they may find favour with hi'm ? Why, faith he, as to the Love of his heart there is no need.of it ; for the Father himfilf !meth your If this then belongeth to forgivenefs, as who ever hath fought for it, knoweth that it doth, it is certainly no common difiovery to have it revealed unto us. To have all the clouds and darkneßthat are railed by fin, be- tween us ant the Throne of God, difpelled ; to have the fire and forms, and tempefts that are kindled and furred up about him by the Lan, removed to have hisglorious face unvailed, and his holy heart laid opera, and a view given of thole in- finite treafureYand llores of Goodnefs, Mercy, Love and Kind- nefs, which have had an unchangeable habitation therein from all Eternity ; to have a difcovcry of thefe eternal fprings of forbearance andforgivenefs, is that which none but Chrifl can accomplifh and bring about, John 17.6: Secondly, This is not all. This eternal Ocean that is inh, -forgive- nitely fatisfied with its own fulnefs and perfeElion, loth not nefsas it naturally yield forth ftreams for our refrefhment. Mercy and relates to pardon do not come forth from God, as Light doth from the the free Sun, or Water from the Sea, by a neceffary ronfeguence of Atis of s àudswi11. their natures, whether they will or no. It doth nor necefa- rily follow that any one:rnufl be madepartaker offorgivenef> her caufe-