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Ver.4. , Sorgivenefr difcovered to Faith alone. I09 And thefe things mutt be Ipoken unto atterwarcls. Let "us now take alongwith us, the end for which all there confiderations have been infifted on. It is to manifrft, that a real difcovery of Goffiel Forgivenefs, is a matter ofgreater confi- quence and importance than at fin i proporál , (it may be ) it ap- peared unto f)me to be. Who is not in hopes, in expectation of pardon? Who thinks not that they know well enough at lrati what it is, if they might but obtain it ? But men may have general thoughts of impunity, and yet be far enough from any Paving acquaintance with Gofpel mercy. Forgivenef? di[covered , or Revealed only to Faith. Rearms thereof, For a clofe-of this Difcourfe, I fhail only add, what is in- Forgive- cluded in that Proposition which is the foundation of the n2fs dic-- whole ; namely, that this dip-over) of forgiveneß is, and can be vexed to made to faith alone. The nature of it is fuch, as that nothing aaith ? along. elfe can difcover it or receive it. No Reafoningri no enqui- ries of the heart of man can reach unto it. That guefs or glimpfe which the Heathens had of old of fomewhat fo called, and which falfe Worfhippers have at prefent, is not theforgive- neß we infi(i upon, but a meer imagination of their own hearts. This the Apotile informs us, Rom. r. 17. The Righteoufitefi 4f- ofGod, is (in the Goffiel) revealed fromfaith to faith. Nothing but faith bath any thing to do with it. It is that Righteoufneß ofGod whereof he fpeak?, that confitas in the forgivenefi of fins by the blood ofChrift, declared in the Gofpel. And this is revealed from thefaith ofGod in the Promife, to thefaith ofthe Believer ; to him that mixes the Promife with faith. And again more fully, t Cor. 2.9. Eye bath not fen, nor ear heard, = ` neither have entred into the heart of man the things which Godhash prepared for them that love him. The wayes whereby we may come to the knowledge of any thing, are by the peeing of the eye, or the bearing of theear, or the Reafpings and meditations of the heàrt , but nownone of thefe will reach to the matter inhand; bynone of thefe wayes can we come to an acquain- P 3 tance