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i io Forgivenef ''difcovered toFaith alone. Pfal.t 3 0. tance with the things of the Gofpel that areprepared for usin Chrifi. How then (hall we obtain the knowledge of them ? that he declares, v. io. God hash revealed them into us by his Spi- rit. Now it is faithonly that receives the Revelations oftheSpi- rit; nothing dfe hath to do with them. To give evidence hereunto, we may confider, that this ,great mytierie, I. Is too Deep, 2. Is too Great, for ought elfe to difcover < and 3. That nothing elf: but faith is Jùited to the making of this dzfeovery. l ira, Ir is too deep and myflerious to be fathomed and reach- ed by any thing die. ReaJns line is too fhort to fathom the depths of the Fathers Love, of the bloodof the Son, and the Pro- miles of the Gofpel built thereon, wherein forgivencfs dwells. Men cannot by their rational confiderations launch out into thefe deeps, nor draw water by them from thefe Wells of Sal- vation. Reafon (lands by amazed, and cryes how can thefe thingsbe ? it can but gather Cockle fhells, like him of old, at the (hoar of this Ocean; a few Critieifns upon the outward letter ; and fo bring an evil report upon the Land, as did the Spies. All it can do, is but to hinder faith from venturing into it ; cryingBare thy pelf, this attempt is vain, thefe things are impoifible. It is among *e things that faith puts off, and layes afide, when it engageth the foul into this great work. This then, that it may come to a difcovery of forgivenefs, caufeth the foul to deny it fell, and all its own Reafonings, and to give up it felt to an infinitefulneß of Goodnefs and Truth. Though it cannot go into the bottomof thefe depths, yet it enters into them, and finds refs in them. Nothing but faith is fuited to rcfl, to fatiate, and content it felt, in myfteriour, bottomlefs, unfèarchable depths. Being a foul emptying, a Reafou denying Grace, the more it meets withal beyond its fearch and reach, the more fatisfadion it finds. This is that which I looked for, faith Faith ; even for that which is infinite and xnfearchable.: When I know that there is abundantly more be- yond me that I donot comprehend, than what Ihave attained unto ; for I know that nothing- elfe will do good to the foul. Now