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2 Difcovery of Forrivenef; &c, Pfal. i 30, to all the world at the day of Judgement to have been_ a great thing. When the foul comes in any meafure to be made fal- lible of it, it, finds it fo great, fo excellent and altonifhable, that it finks under the thoughts of ir. It hach dimenfions, a length, breadth, depth and height, that no line of the rational foul can take or meafure. There is exceeding Grea.tnefl in it, Eph. 1,1 9. That is a great work which we have prescribed, Ephef. 3. 19. Even to know. the Love of Chrif that paffith know- ledge. Here, I fuppofe, Realmwill confefs it felf at a Rand, and an iffue; to know that which paffith knowledge, is none of its work. It cannot be known faith Reafon, and fo ends the . matter. But this is faiths proper work; even to know that which paffeth knowledge. To know that, in its power, vertue, fweetnefs, and efficacy, which cannot be throughlyknown in its nature and excellency , to have by believing all the Ends rf a full comprehenfton of that which cannot be fully .compre- # hended. Hence, Heb. I i. r. It is faid to be the Clkósaaas of things not fen : their fubffience; though in themfelves abfent, yet faith gives them a prefent fubfif ence in the foul. So it knows things that pats knowledge ; by mixing it fell with them it draws out, and communicates their benefit to the foul. From all which is evident , what in the third place was prop.fed ; of faiths being only fuited to be the means of this difcovery, fo that t ¡hall not need farther to infilI thereon. Difcovery of Forgivenefl in God a great fupportment to fin entangled fouls. Particular Afurance attainable. Difcov ry There yet remains a brief confirmation of the Pufition at fist ofForgive- laid down, and thus cleared, before I come to the improvement refsa treat of the words efpecially aimed at. I fay then, this drfcovery of umcnt. forgivenf? inGod, is a great fupportmentfor a fin entangled .foul, although it bath no f .ecial perfwafion of its own particular intere!l therein. Somewhat is fuppofed in this Afertion, and fomewhat affirmed. Firf, .