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Ver.4. Forgivene difCovered to Faith alone. TII Now this is that which reallypuzzles and overwhelms Keafn, rendring it ufelefs. What it cannot compaf, it will negleíl or defpiCe. It is either amazed and confounded, and dazled Pike weak eyes at too great a light ; or fortifying of it Of by in- bred pride and obitinacy, it concludes, that this preaching of the Cr of?, of forgivenefs from the Love of God, by the blood of Chria is plain fly, a thing not for a wife manto take notice of, or to trouble himfclf about; So it appeared to the wife Greets ofold, r Cor. I. 24. Hence when a foul is brought un- der thepower of a real convitionof tin, fo as that it would deliroully be freed from the galling intanglements of it, it is then the hardeft thing in the world to perfwade fuch a foul of this forgivenefÌ Any thing appears more rational unto it ; any Pelf Kighteoufnefi, in this world, any purgatory here- after. The greateft part of the world of convinced Perlons have forlaken forgiveneßon this account ; Mmes, Penances, Merits, have appeared more eligible. Yea, men who have no other delirebut tobe forgiven, do chufe to clofe with any thing ra- ther than forgiveneß. If men do efcape thefe Rocks, and re- folve that nothing but pardon will relieve them, yet it is im- polfible for them to receive it in the Truth and power of it, if not enabled by faith thereunto. I fpeak not of men that take it up by hearfay, as a common report, but of thofe fouls who find themfelves really concerned to look after it ; When they know it is their foie concernment, all their hope and relief; when they know that they mull perifh everlaffingly without it, and when it is declared unto them in the words of truth and fobernefs, yet they cannot receive it ; What is the Reaton of it ; What [laves off thefe hungry creatures frorn their proper food ? Why, they have nothing to lead them into the myneri- ous depths of eternal Love, of the blood of Chrifl, and Pro - mifes of the Gofpel ? How may we tee poor difeafed fouls (landing every day at the fide of this Pool, and yet not once venture themfelves into it all their dayes. Secondly, It is tooGreat for any thing elfe todifcover., For- giveneß is a thing chofen out ofGod from all Eternity, to exalt andmagnifie theglory of big Grace; and it will be made appear to