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Ver.4. ofForgivenejs yields fupportment. that remains, is, that it is his ownfin, about which he hath to deal; whereof afterwards. Thefe, and the like difficulties are removed by it. 3. It gives force Life in, and Encouragement unto duty. And that ( Firff) Ulto duty as duty ; Eying God by faith in filch a fulnefs of Grace , the foul cannot but be encouraged to meet him in every way of duty, and to lay hold upon him thereby. Every way leading to him, as leading to him, mutt be well liked and approved of; and ( Secondly,) To all du- ties ; and herein lyes no (mall advantage. God is oftentimes found in duties ; but it what, or of what kind he will be found of any one in particular, is uncertain. This faith puts the foul on all : So it did the Spouf in the parallel to that in hand. cm!. 3. B, 3, 4. Nowwhat fupportment may be hence Ob- tained is eafily apprehended ; fupportment not from them, or by ibern, but in them, as the means of entercourfe between God and the foul. From thefe Effeas of this difcovery of forgivenef1 in God, three things will enfue, which are fufficient to maintain the Jfiri- tual life of the foul. i. A Refolution to abide with God, and to commit all unto him. This the word,as was obferved,teaches us; There is for- givenfs with thee, and therefore thouJhalt be feared. Becaufe this I found, this I amperfwaded of, therefore I will abide with him in the way of his Fear and Worfbip. This our Saviour calls unto, John 15.4. Abide in me ; except you do fo, ye can bear nofruit. So the Lord reprefenting his taking of the Church untohimfelf, under the Type of the Prophets taking an Adul-- terefßin viulon, doth it on thefe terms, Hof3. 3. Thou fhalt abide for me many dayes ; Thoufhalt notplay the Harlot, and thou (halt not be for another man, f will I alfo be for thee. N.ow this abiding with God, intimates two things : ( I.) Oppofitions, Solicitations, and Temptations unto the contrary : (2.) For- bearing to make any other choice , as unto that end for which wé abide with God. R 2 123