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i. rr r 24 Abiding withGod wherein it congieth. Pfal.i 3o Rb'ding r . It argues Oppofitions. To abide, tobefiable, and perma_ with God, Went, is to be fo, againil Oppofitions. Many difcouragcmetits wherein it Conti e:h, are ready to rife up in the foul.againtl it : In Fears of ecially that it (hall not hold out, that it (hall be rtjeEted at Jail, that all is nought and b)pocritical with it ; that it (hall not be for- given, that God indeed regards it not, and therefore it may well enoughgive over its hopes, which feem often as the giving up of the Ghofi, will affault it. Again, Oppotions arife from oerruptions and temptations unto fin, contrary to the Life of faith. And thefe often próceed to an higl}degree ofprevalency, fo that The guilt contrahcd upon them is ready to call the foul quite out of all expcdtation of mercy : I (hall one day perifh, by. theft means, faith the foul, if I am not already loft. But now where faith hath made this difcovery offorgivenefl; the foul will abide with God againfl all thefe difcouragements and Oppofition.. It will not have him, it wi`I not give over waiting for him. So Davidexprefíeth the ter in the in- !lance of himfclf, Pfal. 73. 2.. But as fur me, my feet were al- moff gone, my fieps bad reel! nigh fiipt : and v. 13. Verily T bave cleanfed my heart in vain ; but yet after all his confliQs, this at Tall he cimes unto, v. 26. Thoughmy flrfh and myheartfaileth,. yet ( v. 28.) It isgoodfor me to dramnear untoGod. I will yet abide with God, I will not let go his fear,: nor my profefUon,.. Although I walk, weakly, lamely, unevenly, yet I will 1h11 follow after him. As it was with the Difciphs., when many, upon afirong temptation went back from Chrifl, and. walked no more with him ; Jefus [aidunto them, will ye go away alfa ? to which.Peter replyes in the nameof the rell of them, Lord, to whom /hallwe go,. thou ball the w rds of Eternal Lif, John 6. 66, 67, 6a. It is thus and thus with me, faith the foul, I am, PIP and aliE2ed, andnot comforted; little life, little ftrength, real guilt, many fins, and much difconfolation. What then,. faith Godby his. word, Wilt thou go away alfo ? no, faith the foul, there is forgivenefi with thee, thou. hail the. words of Eternal Life, and therefore I will abide with thee. - 2. This abidingwith Goda argues a forbearance of any other choice. WhiltI the foul is in this condition having not attain- ed