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Ver.4. prepares thefoul to receive it. 127 that they are fife; to hear jorgivenefl preached, and the Pro- "Mks iniifed on, though he cannot as yet look upon them as his own. The Merchant refis not here, buthe bearkeneth withmuch fo- licitoufnefs after the things that thould bring home.his riches, efpecially if they have in them his All. Hence filch Ships are called Ships of defire, Job 9 z6. Such a man greatly defires the fpeding of them to their Port. He confiders the Wind and the Weather, all the occafions and inconveniences and danger of the way ; And blame him not ; his All is at flake. The foul Both to in like manner; it hearkneth after all the wayes and means whereby thisfor,ivenef3 may be particularly brought home unto it ; is afraid of fin, and of Temptation, glad to find a frefh Gale of the Spirit of Grace, hoping that it may bring in his Return from theLand of PromifÈ. This prepares the heart for a fpiritual fenfe of it, when it is revealed. Secondly, It fo prepares the foul, by giving it a due Valuation of the Grace and Mercy defired. The Merchantman in the Gofpel was not prepared to enjoy the Pearl himfelf, until it was difcovered tohim to be of great price ; then he knew how to purchafe ir, procure it, and keep it. The foul having by this aging of faith upon the difcovery of forgivenefs infifled on, come to find that the pearl bid in the field H indeed precious, is both ilirred up to feek after poflie(fion of it, and to give it its due. Saith filch a foul, "How excellent, how precious is " thisforgivennß that is with God ? Bleífed , yea ever blcffed «are they whoare made partakers of it ! What a life of Joy, " Reft, Peace, and Confolation do they lead ? Had I but their " Evidence of an intereft in it, and the fpiritual confolation " that enfues thereon , How would I defpife the world, and " all the temptations of Satan, and rejoyce in the Lord in " every condition ? And this Apprehenfion of Grace, alto ex- ceedingly prepares and fits the foul, for a receiving of a blef fed fenfe of it, fo as that God may have -glory thereby. 3. It firs the foul by giving a Right Vnder(landingof it ; of its Nature, its Caufes, and Etfets. At the firil,the foul goes no further, but to look after impunity, or freedom from punith- ment, any way. What(hall I do to be failed, is the utmoti it aims