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126 Difcozery of Porgivenef' Pfal.13o. it, Ilá. 60. 22. Well then, it God will hajten it, may not we haften to it ? nay, faith he, I will haJfen it, but in its time. Al oppofitions and impediments confidered it thall be hajined, but in it, time, its due time, its appointed time. And this the foul is to wait for, and fo it will. As when Jacob had leen the beauty ofRachel and loved her, he was contented to wait feven year, for the enjoyment ofher to be his wife ; and thought no time long, no toyle too hard that he might obtain her ; fò the foul having difcovered the beauty and excellency offorgivennß, as it is with God, as it is in his gracious Heart, in his eternal purpofe, in the Blood' of Chrift, in the Promife of the Gofpel, is refolved to wait qui.2 etly and patiently for the time wherein God will clear up unto it, its own perlonal interefi therein; Even one experimen- tal embracement of it, even at the hour of'death, doth well de- ferve the waiting, and obedience of the whole dourfe of a mans life. And this the Pfalmifl manifefs to have been the-Efe6 pro- duced in his heart and fpirit ; For upon this difcovery of for giveneß in God, he refolveth both to wait upon him himfelf, and enoourageth others fo to do. Diïcovery 3. This prepare, the foul, for the receiving of that coÑfirlution ofForgive- and deliveranceout of its prefures, by an evidence of a fpe- nefs pre- eial intent-I in forgivenefs, which it waiteth for. pares the 1. For this makes men to hearken after it ; It makes thefoul ceilve it'.e like the Merchant who hath great Riches, all his wealth in a far Country, which he is endeavouring to bring home fafe unto him. If they come he is yell provided for ; if they mitcarry, he is loft and undone. This makes him hearken after tydings that they are fate there; and as Solomon Mayes, Good news in this cafe from afar Countrey it as cold water to a thirfly fcul, ( Pray. 25. 25.) full of refrefhment. Though he cannot look upon them as his orrn, yet abfolutely becautè he hath them not in poffiflîon, he is glad they are fate there. So 'is it with the foul; Thefe Riches that it fo values are as to its apprehenlions in a far Country : So is the Promife, that he _hall behold the Land that i.r veryfar off, Ira. 33. 17. He is glad to hear newes that