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Ì I 30 Vainpretences offaith difcovered. pfal. Y 3 o continue complaining all their dayes, and ncvcr come to &it or Peace; fo far do they fall (boa of Conflation and joy. And fom, are utterly difcouraged from attempting any progrefs in the wayes of God. What is the Kenton hereof ? Is it not, that they would fiinbe fnifhing their building , when they have not laid the fouudation.Tilcy have not yet made thro,.gh work in believing forgiventß with God, and thLy would itntne- diateiy.be at Affurance in themfelves. Now God delights not in fucha frame of Spirit ; for, I. It is felfjh ; The great defign of faith is to give glory unto God, Rom. ç. 20. Theend of Gods giving out f rgive- nO, is the praift of hiso loriorts grace, Ephel I. 6. But let a foul in this frame have peace in it fell, it is very little folici- tous about givingglory unto God. He cryes like Rachel, Give me children or I dye ; give me peace, or I perifh. That God may be honoured, and the f rgiven,fß he feeks after be rendred glorious, It is cared for in the fecond place, if at all. This felfijhearnejlnef?, at firtt to be thrulting our hand in the tide of Chriti, is that which he will pardon in many, but accepts in none. 2.It is impatient. Men do thus deport themfelves, becaufe they will not wait. They do not care for fianding afar off for any feafon, with the Publican. They love not to fubmit their fouls to lye at the foot of God, togive him the glory of his Goodnefs, Mercy, Wifdom, and Love, in the difpofal of them, and their concernments. This waiting comprizeth the uni- verfal fubjellion of the foul unto God, with a refolved Judge- ment that it is meet and right that we and all we delire and aim at , Lhould be at his Soveraign difpofal. Thisgives glory to God ; a duty which the impatience of thefe poor fouls will not admit them to the performance of; and both thefe ari{e, 3. Fromweaknefi'; it is weak; it is weakneßin any condition that makes men reftlefs and weary. The [late ofAdherence is as fafe a condition, as the flee of Affurance ; only it hath more combats and wrefiling attending it Ito is not thenfear of the event , but weaknefs and wearinefi of the combat that snake men anxioufly folicitous about a deliverance from that