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Ver.4. Vainpretences offaithdifcevered. 13 1 enat ftate , before they are well entered into it. Let then the tin entangled foul rememb°r atwayes,this Way, Method, and Order of the Gofpel, that we have under conti- deration. Fir[i, Exercice faith onforgivenep in God, and when the foul is fixed therein , it will have a ground and foundation whereon it may (land fecurely, in making Applicationof it un- to it felf. Drive this principle in the fir(l place unto a fiable iffuc upon Gofpel evidences ; Anfwer the Objeaions that lye againfl it, and then you may proceed. In believing, the foul makes a conqueff upon Satans "territories. 1?o then as they do, who are entring on an Enemies Countrey; fecure the paffsges,forti- tie the Strong holds as you go on, that you be not cut off in your progrefs. Be not as a Ship at Sea which paffeth on, and is no more poffefl'ed or Maffer of the Dater it bath gone though ; than of that whereunto it is not yet arrrived. But fo it is with a foul, that fixeth not on thefe foundation princi- ples , he preffeth forwards and theground crumbles away un. der his feet, and fo he wilders away all his dayes in uncertain- ties. Would men but lay this principle well in their fouls, and fecure it again(' afiaults, they might proceed though not with fo much (peed as force do, yet with more fafely. Some pretend at once to fall intofull Affurance, I with it prove not a broad prefumption in the moti. It is to no purpofe for him to ffrive to flye, who cannot yet go ; to labour to come to Affurance in himjelf who never well believed forgivenef in God, Now that we maybe enabled to fix this perfwafion againfi all op- pofitïon, that which in thenext place I (hall do, is to giveout fuch unqueffionabie evidences of this Gofpel truth, as the foul may fafely build and reti upon : And thefe contain the confir- mation of the principal Propoltion before laid down. S 2 Ffidensse