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Ver.4. Forgivene[ not revealed, &c. I;5 Earth ( where by the way there is an ahution to that of Gen. IL 8. the Lord fcattered them abroad upni the face of the Earth ) andbath determined the times be(;,re app, inted, and the bounds of their habitation, that theyfhould fiek the Lord, if happily they might fè k, after him, and find him, though he be not far fr m every one of 14f. By Arguments taken from the workr of God both of Creation and Providence ; the Apofile proves the Beira and properti s of God. Yea, he lets them know with whom he had to do, that God detigned by his works fo far to reveal' hmfclfunto them, as the true and living God, the Marker and Governour of all things, as that they ought tohave enquired more diligently after him, and not to look on him alone as the Vnknown God, who alone might be known : all their Idols beingvain and nothing. But of the difcovery of Pardon and fir - giveneß in God by there wayes and means, he fpeaks not ; yea, he plainly thews that this was not done thereby. For the Great Call to laving Repentance is by the Revelation of for- givenefs. But now by thfe works of his Providence God called not the Gentiles to [wing Kepentance. No faith he, he fù ffered them to walk_011 in their own wayes, Chap. i.}..16. and winked at the times of their ignorance; but now, that is, by the Word of the Gofpel, commandeth them to Repent, Chap. 17. 30. I I. Whereas there had been one fignal Ail of Gods Pro- Forgivenefs videnee about fin, when man firfl fell into the (Hares of it : It not reveal- was fo far from the revealing forgivenefl inGod that it rather fe- Work r verely intimated the contrary. This was Gods dealing with Provi- finning Angels. The Angels were the firfi finners ; and God device dealt firfi with them about fin. And what was his dealing ;bolt the with them, the Holy Ghofi tells us, 2 Pet. 2. d.. áyyir,wr ci,uxp- ?r1?áv7wv he feared not thefinning Angels, he fpared them not ; It is the fame word which he ufrthwhere he (peaks of laying all our iniquities on Chriti, he undergoing the pu- ní_¡hmens due/unto them, Rom. 8.32. ix i¢elauso, he ffrared him not; that is, he laid on him the full puniAment that by the Curfe and fandion of the Law was due unto fin. So he dealt with thcAngels that finned ; hefeared them not, but inflic` edon them thc punithment due to fin , (hutting them up under chains