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134 FreeAC/i ofGods Wig, Etc. Pfàl. i 30. his works reveal even his etJrnal power and Godhead ; or the Effential Prop:rties of his nature ; but no more : Not any of the purpofer of his Grace, not any of the free Ads of his Will not pardon and forgivenefs. Bc1ides God made all things in fuch an efface and condition, namely of Reaitude Integrity, and Vprightneß, Ecc1e. 7. 29. that it was impoflible they fhould have any refpea unto fin, which is the Corruption of all, or to the Pardon of it, which is their Keffitution, whereof they flood in no need. There being no fuch thing in the world, as fin, nor any fuch thing fuppofed to be, when all things were made of nothing, how could any thing declare or reveal the forgivenefs of it. 3. No works of Gods Providence can make this difcovery. God bath indeed born Teflimony to himfelf and his Goodnefs in all Ages from the foundation of the world in the works of his Providence : So Aas 14. 15, a 6, 17. ire preach unto you, that you fbould turn from there vanities, unto the living God, which made Heaven, and Earth, and the Sea, and all things that are therein ; who in times pall, fitfred all Nations to walk in their own ways : neverthellß be left not himfilf without rritneg, in that he didgood, and gave us rain from Heaven, and fruitfúl fafns, filling our hearts with fod andgladnef1: x z cci 'vgov Éa.'lv ÿ;e-, He left not himfelf without witneß; that is, by the works of his Providence there recounted, he thus far bare Teftimony to him- {Cif, that he is, and is good, and doth good, and rulcth the world, fo that they were utterly inexcufable who taking no notice of the fe works of his, nor the fruits of his goodnefs, which they lived upon, turned away after , f6Tara, vain things, as the Apoflle there calls the Idols of the Gentiles. But yet thefe things did not difcoverpardon andforgiveneß. For Rill God füffered them to go on in their own ways, and winked at their Ignorance. So again, Aas 17. 23, 24, 25, 26, a7. Whom you ignorantly worlhip, him declare Iunto you, God that made the world, and all things therein, feeing that he is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, dwelleth not in Temp'es made with hands, neither is worfhipped with mens hands, as though he needeth any thing, feeing be giveth unto all life andbreath, and all things, and bath made of one bloodall Nations of men for to dwell on all the faceof the Earth