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Sacrifices an Evidence ofEorgivenef: Pfal. i'3o and confirmation of the Law it felf by Inflances ) cuts off all fuck pretences and is as a físnzing Jword turning every way to prevent mens arbitrary approaches to Gods Inllttutions. God will not part with his glory of being the only Lary-giver as to the whole concernment of his Worfhip, or any part of it, unto any of the Eons of men. 2. Neither is the time of their Inflitution mentioned. Some of the Papas dißute ( as there are a generation ofphilofophi- cal diffuters among(l them, by whom their tottering caufe is fu..pported) that there fhoúld have been Sacrifices in Paradice, if man had not finned. But as in all their opinions, o`.ir f rff enquiry ought to be, what do they get by this or that, their whole Religion being` pointed unto their carnal interc(l ; fo we may in particular do it, upon this uncouth Afrtion, which is perfeGily contradidious to the very Nature and End of moil Sacrifices; namely, that they fhould be offered where there is no fin. Why, they hope to eflablifh hence a general rule, that there can be no true IYorfhip of God in anyfíate or condition with- out a Sacrifice. What then I pray ? Why then it is evident that the continual Sacrifice of the Mß if neceffary in the Church, and that without it there is no true IYofhip ofGod ; and fo they are quickly come home to their advantage and profit ; the M1ß being that inexhaullible Spring of Revenue which feeds their pride and lull throughout the world. But there is in the Church ofChrifl an Altar Rill, and a Sacrifice í1i11, which they have rejected for the a bominable figment of their Nip ; name- ly, ChriJi him[clf as the Apoflle informs us, Heb. 13, io. But as the Sacrifices of Beafis could not have been before the entrance of fin, fo it may be evidenced that they were inflituted from the foundation of the world, that is prefently after the entrance of fin. Chriíl is called the Lamb of God, John i. 29. which he was in reference unto the Sacrifices of old, as i Per.2. S,i9. whence he is reprefented in the Church, as a Lamb /Chin, 5.6. or giving out the efficacy of all Sacrifices to his Church. Now he is laid to be a Lamb (lain from the foundation of the world, Rev. 13.13. which could not be, unlefs forne Sacrifice prefiguring his beingClain had been then Offered. For it de- notes not only the efficacyof -his Mediation, but the way. Be- ides