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Ver.4. to prove ForgiveneF. of it, is the fame with that. Jr is worthy of all acceptatir3n , namely that there is forgivenef :with God. _ And therefore ought it to be fully confirmed. Efpecially whilst we make ufe of no other demonfirations of it, but thefe only which God hath furnifhed us withal to that purpofe;and this he would not have done, but that he knew them needful for us. And for the plainnefs of this Truth, it is well if it be fo ;into ttr. I know, nothing but the Spirit of God can make it fo. Men may pleafe thernfelves and others fometimes with curious no- tions, and make them (seem to be things of great fearch and attainment, which when they are well examined, it may be they are not true,or if they art, are yet of a very little confequence or importance. It is thefe fundamental Truths that have the myfteries of the W ifdom and Grace ofGod inwrapped in them; which who fo can unfold aright, will fhcwhimfelf a workman that needs not be afhamed. Thefe (fill waters are deep ; and the farther we dive into them, the greater difcovery thall we make of their depths. And many other Sacred Truths there are, whole mention is common, but whole depths are little (searched, and whole efficacy is little known. 3. We multiply thefe Evidences, becaufe they are multitudes that are concerned in them. All that do believe, and all that do not believe are fo. Thofe that do believe, that they may be eftablifhed ; and thole that do not believe, that they may be en- couraged fo to do. Among both thefe forts fame evidences may be more profitable and ufeful, one to one, fome to another. It may be among(( all, all will be gathered up, that no fragments be loft. They are all (I hope) inffruments provided by the HolyGhoft for this end ; and by this Ordinance do we endea- vour to put them into his hand, to be made efOua1 as he will. One may reach one foul, another another, according to his pleafure. One may be of ufe to eftablifhment , another to confolation, a third of encouragement , according as the ne- cef cities of poor fouls do require. However God who hath provided them, knows them all to be needful. 4. They are fo all() upon theaccount of the various condi- tions wherein the Spirits of Believers themfelves may be. One may give help to the famefoul at one feafon, another at ano- ther I5I