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152 Some Sinners taxad), pardoned Kai. 3o. ther ; one mayfecure the foul again(k a temptation, another fair it up toThankfulnefi and Obedience. Theft things have I fi_oken, that you may not think we dwell too long on this confideration. And I pray God that your Confolattonand Efiabli(hment may abound in the reading of thefe Meditations, as I hope they have not been altogether without their fruit in their preparation. Further Evidences ofForgivenef with God. Teflimonies that God was well pleafed with fame that were finners. The Patience ofGod towards the world; an evidence of For- givenefs, Experience' ofThe Saints of God to the fame purpofe. Some fn= I V. Let us then in thefourthplace, as a fourth Evidence of ners aeftu- this truth, confider tbofe, both under the Old Te(ament and the ally and New, concerning whom we have the greatejl AjJxrance that accepted God was wellpleafedwith them, and that they are now in the with God. enjoyment of him. And this Argument mito this purpofe the Apoftle infilis upon, and preffith from fundry inlIances, Heb. i r. How many Bothhe there reckon up who ofold obtained a good report, and thisTeftimony, that they pleafed God t ver. 2, 5. AD thefe inherited the Premi[es through believin ; that is,obtained the forgivenefs of fin. For whereas by nature they were children of wrath, and under the Curfe as well as others, obtaining an infallible intereft in the favour of God, and this Tculimony, that theypleafed him, it could no otherwife be. For without this, on a juil account, every one of themwould have continued in the Rate wherein Adamwas; when he heard the voice of God and was afraid. Wherefore it being evident that- Come perfons in all Generations, have-enjoyed the friend,q2ip, love andfavour of God in this world, and at their departure out of it have entred intoGlory; it makes it evident that there is forgivenef of fin withhim, without which thefe things could not be. Let us, after the example of the A4poftle, mentionCone parti- cular in(iances in this "matter. Look unto Abraham He-was the'friend ofGód, and walked with Gods; God made a folemu Covenant with him, and takes it for his memorial throughout all