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Ver 4 and accepted with God. 155 the mention of them tends to the acival cement ut b'overaign Grace and Mercy, which is the cafe in hand, we may infill on them. I think then that without mention of particulars, I may Cafely fay, that there is no fin, no degree of fin, no aggravating circumflance of fin,no kind ofcontinuance infin,(the one only fin Except- ed) but that there are thofè in Heaven who have beenguilty of there. It may be yet, fome will fay that they have confidered the fins and tails of Lot,David,Peter,Paul,and the Thief himfelfon the Crofs,and yet they find not their own condition Exemplified, fo as to conclude, that they hhall have the fame fuccefs with them. A. t. I am not Chewing that this or that man fhall be pardon- ed, but only demonlirating that there is firgiven,f? with God, and that for ail forts cf fins and fnners which thefe Injlances do affuredly confirm. And moreover theymanifefi, that ifother men are not pardoned; it is meerly becaufe they make not that Application for forgivenefs which they did. 2. Yet by the way to take off this Objeeiion allo, confider what the Apojile lays in particular concerning the feveral frts of fnners that obtained mercy, I Cor. 6. 9, i o, I I. ge not deceived, neither Fornicators, nor Idolaters, nor Adulterers, nor Effeminate, nor Abufers of themfilves with mankind,nor hiet es, nor covetous, nor Drunkards, nor Kevilers,nor Extortioners, (hall inherit the King. dom ofGod ; and fuch were fame of you. But you are wafhed, but you are fanüiffed, but you are juffified. Hell can fcarce inno more words yield us a fielder catalogue. Yet Come of all thefe forts wereju¡iifiedand pardoned. 3. SuppoCe this Enumeration of fins lothnot reach the con- dition of the foul, becaufe of tome ef7ecial Aggravation of its fin, not expreffed. Let fuch a one add that of our Saviours, Matth. I 2.3 1. I fay untoyou, all manner offin and blaffrhemy /bald be forgiven unto men, but the blaf#hemy againfi the Holy Ghofi. They are not,they (hall not be all a uealiy remitted, and par- doned unto all men ; but they are all pardonable , unto thofe that Peek to obtain pardon for them accordingunto the Gofpel. There is with God forgiveneß for them all. Now certainly there is no fin, but only that excepted, but it comes within the compafs of all manner of (insand blaffihemy, and lo confequently forte that hive been guilty of it are now in Heaven. X z We