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156 Some Sinners actuallypardoned, &c. Pfal. i 30. ; We take it ,for a rood token and evidence of a vertuous healing water, when without fraud or pretence, we fce the. crutches of cured Criples, and impotent perfons hung about it, as a MEMO. rial of its eñi :a.y. And it is a great demonJtrationof the skill and abilityof a Ph)fitian,when many cc me to a lick perfm and tell him, that we had the fame ditlemper wirh you, it had the fame f rnptoms, the fame effeas, and by his skill and care we are cured : Oh faith the fick mean bring himunto me, I will venture my life in his hand. Now all the Saints of Heaven fland about a fin flak foul , for in this matter we a -e compafTed with a cloud of witnefs, Feb. 12. r. And what do they bear witneß unto ? What fay they unto a poor guilty tinner ? Ac thou art, fo were we; f guilty, f perplexed, 1 obn7xious to wrath, fo fearing deitruelion frcmGod. And what way did you tteer, what courfe did you take to obtain the bleffed condition wherein nowyou are ? Say they, We .went all to God through Chriff for forgiveneß, and foundplenty of Grace, Mercy and Pardon Oihint for us aV. The rich man in the Parable thought it would he a great means of convertion, if one fhould rife from the dead and preach. But here we fee that all the Saints departed, and now in glo- ry do j?irntly preach this fundamental Truth, that there is for- given( with God. Poor fouls are apt to think that all thole whom they read or hear of tobe:gone Heaven, went thither becaufe they were Jo good andfö holy. It is true many of them were eminently and exemplarily fo in their generations.All of themwere foaccording to their degrees and meafures : for Without holinefno man canfee God. And it is our duty to labour to be like unto them in Holinefs, if ever we intend to be tò in Happinefs and Glory. But yet not:ñne of them, not any one that is now in Heaven, Jefus Chriff alone excepted,-did,ever come thither any other way but by forgivenefs of in ; and that will alfo bring us thi- ther, though we come fhort of many of them in Holinefs and Grace. And this. Evidence of forgiveneß I the ratherurge, becaufe I find-the Apotle Pauldoing of it eminently in his own perfan, i Tim. I. i2, r3, i4, is, i6. I than; Chri(t Jefu.r our Lord who bath enabledme, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into