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15 8 Patience of. God towards the World, Pfal.13c, required that it fhould be to and there was nothing in the whole creation to interpofe fo much as for a reprieve or a re- fpite ofvengeance. And had God then tent finning man with theApoft rte Angels that induced him into fin , immediately into eternal dd ruetion, he would have been glorified in his Righteoufnefs and Severity, by and among the Angels that fin- ned not ; or he could have created a new race of innocent crea- tures to have worfhipp.d him and glorified him for his Righte- ous Judgement ; even as all the Elea at the lafl day, shall do for the deftrudion of ungodly men. 2. Godbath not takzn this court. Ye path continued the race ofmankind for a long feafon on the earth ; he hath watch- ed over them with his Providence; and exercifed exceeding Patience, forbearance and longfufl'èring towards them. This the Apoffle Paul at large difcourfeth on, Aas 14. i 5, 16, 17. Chap. 17. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 3o. as alto Rom. 2. q.. And it is open and manifeft in their event. The whole world is every day filled with tokens of the power and patience of God. Every Nation, (very City, every Family is filled with them. 3. That there is a common Abut of this patience of God vilible in the world in all Generations. So it was of old ; God taw it to be tò, and complained of it, Gen. 6. 5, 6. All the evil, fin, wickednefs, that hath been in the world, which no heart can conceive, no tongue can exprefs, hath been all an abufè of this patience ofGod. Tnis with the moll is the con - fequent of Gods patience and forbearance. Men count it a fea- fon to fulfill all the abominations that their evil hearts can fuggefl unto them,or Satan draw them into a combination with himfelf in. This the flate of things in the world proclaims, and every ones experience confirms. 4.. Let us therefore confider what is the true and proper end of this patience of God towards the world, enduring it in fin and wickednefs, for fo long a feafon, and fuffering one Gene- ration to be multiplyed after another. Shall we think that God laathno other defign, in all this Patience towards mankind in all Generations, but meerly to fufter them all and every one without Exception, to fin againfi him , difhonour him, pro- voke