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Ver.4. Patience ofGoc towards, 6c. 157 into the Miniltry; wba was before a Bla#hemer and a Pafecutor and injuriou!. But I obtained mercy, becaufe Idid it ignorantly in un- belief. 7h.it it a faithful faying, and w"rthy of all acceptation, that 7elks Chriff came into the world to fave firmer!, ofwhom 1 am chief. H.zvbeit for this caufe I obtained mercy, that in me firit Je¡us Chrilfmightfh w forth all long-lufering for a pattern to them that jhould hereafter believe on him to life everl4ft'ing. A great f nner faith he, the chiefejt of tanners I was, which he manifelts by Come notable intiances of his fin. I was faith he a blaffihemer, the highel1 fin against God ; a Perfecutor, the highest fin agaii:(I the Scents ; Injurious, the highen wickednefs towards man- kind. But faith he, l obtainedmercy, I am pardoned, and that with a blefied effect. First, That he should after all this be fo accounted faithful as to be put into the Minijfry. And then that the Grace of our Lord Jifus Chrift in him and towards him was exceeding abundant. And what was the Reafon, what was the caufe, that he was thus dealt withal ? Why it was that 'he might be a pattern, an Evidence,an Argument,t hat there was Grace, Mercy, Forgiveneßto be had for all forts of (inners that would believe to life Ever'afling. To conclude then this Evidiuce. Eve?), one who is now in Heaven bath his pardon fealed in the blood of Chrifl, All these pardons are as it were hanged up in the Gofpel ; they are all enrolled in the Promifis thereof; for the encouragement of them that land in need of forgiveneß to come and fue out theirs alto. Fear rot then the Guilt of fin, but the Love of it, and thepower of it. If we love and like fin better than forgive- neß, we shall assuredly go without it. If we had but ra- ther be pardoned in Gods way, than perijh, our condition is fecure. V. The fame is evident from the Patience ofGod towards Patience of the world, and the end ofit. For the clearing hereof we may God to- obferve. wards the i. That upon the firft entrance of (i evidence and breach of that Co- rid, an of venant which God had made with m., ikind in Adam , heforgive- might immediately have executed tht Fhreatned Curfe, and nefs. have brought eternal death upon than that finned. Jutlice X 3 required