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176 Religious Wor/bi.p of (i Pfal.i3ó as the Finn Cau(è, Lail End, and Soveraign Lord of all. But the entrance of tin, laying the firmer abfolutely under the Curfe of God, utterly put an end to this Order of things. Man was now to have.perithed immediately, and an end to be put unto the Law of this Obedience. But here, in the Soveraign Will of God an Interpofition was made between tin and the fentence; and man was refpited from detlruaion. All Wor- fhip following hereon, even that which was bore natural by the Law of creation, is now rSfolved into an Arbitrary Act of Gods will. And unto this end is all won Chip dcfigned, namely to give' glory unto G,id. For as God bath faid, that be wilt be fanaified in all that dram nigh unto him, that is in his worship, and that therein he will be ,gloriftrd, Lev. i o. 3. and that he that rfreth him pra.f, that is performeth any part ofhis Worfhip and Ser- vice,. Glorifirth Pfal. 50. 23. So the nature of the thing it felt declsreth that it can have no ocher end, By this he bath all his glory even from the inanimate Creation. 4. CorlÌder, That Godbath not prefribed any Worfhip of him- Jell, unto the Angels that firmed. Th.y are indeed under his Power, and he ufeth them as he pleafeth to ferve the ends of his holy Providence. Bounds he prefcribes unto them by his P wer, and keeps them in dread of the full execution of his Wrath. But he requires not of them that thLy thculd be- lieve in him. They believe indeed and tremble.. They have a natural Apprehenlion of the Being, Tower, Providence, Holi- nefs and Righeeoufr,efs of God , which is infepa'rable from their N tares and they hay. an cxpeäation from thence of that punif im:ent , and vengeance which is due unto them which is infeparable from them as finners. And this is their faith. But to believe in God, that is, to put their trull in him; to refignup thecnfelves unto him, God re- quires it not of them, The fame is the cafe with them alto, as to Love, and Fear, and Delight, all inward Affdons which are the proper Worfhip of God. Tilde they have not, nor loth God any longer require them in them. They eternally can them off in their fiat tin. And where there are not, where they are not required, where they cannot be, there no outward Worfhip