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Ver.4. an Evidence ofForgivenqwith God. 177 tf/orfhip can be prefcribedor appointed. For External infiiituted Worfhip is nothing but the way that God affigns, and choofeth to exprefs and exercife the inwardAf llions of our minds to- wards him. He rules the fallen Angels per nutum Providenthe, not per verbumprxcepti. Now as God dealt with theAngels, fo allo would he have dealt with mankind, had he left them all under the Curie without remedy or hope of relief. As he doth with them, he eternally fatisties bumfelf in that Revenue ofGlory which arifeth unto him in their punifhment ; fo alto he would have done with thefe, had there been no forgiven-efi with him for them. He would not have required them to fear, loveor obey him, or have appointed unto them any way of Worfhip, whereby to exprefs fuch affelions towards him. For to what end fhould he have done it ? What Righteoufnefl would admit, that Service Duty and Obedience fhould be prefcribed unto them, who could not, ought not to have any ExpeEkation or hope of Acceptance or Reward ? This is con- trary to the very firft notion which God requires in us of his Nature. For he that cometh unto God, muff believe that he is, and that he is a Rewarder of all them that diligently fekhim, Heb. which would not be fo, fhould he appoint a volun- taryWorfbip, and not propofe a Reward to the Worfhip- pers. Wherefore, 3. It is evident that God by the prefcription of a IYorfhip unto (inners, doth fully declare that there is forgivenefi with him fog them. For, r. He manifefis thereby that he is willing to receive a new Revenue ofGlory from them. This, as we have proved is the end of Worfhip. This he would never have done, but with a defignofAccepting andRewarding to his creatures. For do we think that he will be beholding unto them ? That he will take and admit of their voluntary reafonable fervice accord- ing to his Will and Command, without giving them a Re- ward, yea, and fuch an one as their Obedience holds no pro- portion unto ? no fuch thing would become his infinite felÍ- fufficiency Goodnefs andBounty. This the Wife of Manoab well pleads, Judg. 13.23. Iffaiththe, the Lord were pleafed to hilt us, be wouldnot bave receiveda meat offering, and a burnt-of- A a firing,