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Ver.4. EffiecialOrdinances,&c. 17C) riot forgivcnefs with him. For it gives us encoreiagemznt'to expet, and Affurance of finding Acceptance with hint, -which without it cannot be obtained. This thenGod declares by his Inflitution of, and command for his Worship, namely, that there is nothing that (hall indifpenfably hinder thole who give up themselves unto the Obedience of Gods commands from enjoying. his love, and favour , and communion with him. 4. For matter of fah# ; it is known and confcffed that God hath appointed a ZY'irfkip for sinners w perform. All the [nlli- turions of the Oldand New Tellamcnt bear witncfs hereunto. G )d was the Author of them. And men know not what they do, when either they neglect them , or would be intermix- ing their own Imaginations with them. What can the mind of man conceive or invent that may have any influence into this matter, to fecure the fouls of Believers of their Accep- tance with God ? Is there any needof their Te,/fimony to the Truth, Faithfulnefs, and Goodnefs of God ? There things he hath taken upon himfelf. This then is that which is to be fixed on our fouls, upon our firft Invitation unto Religious Worship; namely that God intends a new Revenue of Glory from us, and therefore declares that there is a way for the taking away of our fins , without which we can give no Glory to him by our Obedience, and this is done .only by forgiveneß 5. There are fame Ordinances ofWorfhip appointed for thin veryEspecial end and purpofc to c©nftrm unto us the forgivenefl of fin. Efpeci, Ordinan ally in that Wor(hip which is instituted by the Lord Jesus dent , under the New Teítament. I (hall inflance in one or forgivétieft. two. First, The Ordinance of Baptism. This was accompanied with the dawning of the Gospel, in the lvlinißry ofJohn Bap- tiff. And he exprefly declared in his sermons upon it, that it was instituted of God to declare the Kerndffion of fins , Mark I. 4. It is true, the Lord Chrift fubmitted unto that Ordinance, ( and was baptized by John) who had no fin. But this be- A a 2 longed