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Ter. 1,2. DepthsofTrouble on the account ofsin. 9 Gracious f tell may be brought into depths on the account of fine Depths of trouble on What thofè Depths arc. the ac- count of Sin. Before I proceed at all in the farther opening of the words; they having all of them refpec' unto the Propofition firf, laid down, i flhall explain and confirm the truth contain.d in it ; that fo it may be underflood, what wefay, and whereof we di affirm in the whole procefs of our Difeourfe. It is a fad Truth that we have propo,ëd unto confideration. He that hears it ought to tremble in himfelf, that he may reti in the day of trouble ; It fpeaks out the Apoftles advice, Rom. r t. 20. Be not high minded, but fear and that alto, r Cor. i o. i z. Let him that thínieth heffandeth , take heed left he fall. When Peter had learned this truth by woful experience, after all his boldrt Band forwardnefs, he gives this Councel to all Saints that they would pats the time of their fjourning, here in far , i Pet. 1. r4. Knowing how near in our greatefi pace and ferenity, evil and danger may lye at the door. Some few inffances of the many that are left on record, wherein this Truth is exemplified may be mentioned. Gen.6.9. Noah was a juff man, perfiti in his Generation, andNoah wal/ed with God. He did fo a long feaCon, and that in an evil time, amid-ft all forts ofTemptations, When all fi'efh had corrupted its way upon the earth, ver. 12. This put an_ eminency upon his obe- dience; and doubtlefs rendred the Communion which he had with God in walking before him, moil fweet and precious to him. He was a gracious foul upon the redoubled Teftimony ofGod himfelf. But we know what befell this holy Perfn. He that shall read the Flory that is recorded of him,Gen. 9.2 r. will eafily grant, that he was brought into inextricable diffrel on the account offin, His own drunkf.nnefl, ver. 21. with the confcquent of it, gives fcandal unto, and provokes the unna- tural Puff of his Sots, v. 22. and this leadshim to thedevoting òf that Son, and his Potierity unto Deltrudion, v. 24, 25. all which, joyned with the fence of Gods jtff indignation , from . whom he had newly received that tremendoufly miraculous C deliverance;