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lo Depths of fsin, wherein they conf . pf 1. t 30. deliverance ; mutt needs overwhelm him wich forrow and anxi- ety of Spirit. Thematter is moreclear in David. Under the Old Tcfla- ment none lovedGod more than he, none was loved ofGed more than he. The Paths ofFaith andLove wherein he walked,, are unto the moll of us, like the way of an Eagle in the Air , too high and hard for us.. Yet to this very day, do the cryes of this Man after Gods own heart, found in our Ears. Some. times he complains of broken bons., fometimes of drowning depths, fometimes of waves and water-Bouts , fometimes of wounds and difeofs, fometimes of Wrath, and thefurrows ofHell, every where of hisfins, the burden and troub!e of them. Some of the occatons of his, Depths, Darknefs, Intanglements and Dittreffes, we all know. As no man had more Grace than he, fo none is a greater inflance of thepower offin, and the cf c is of its guilt upon the confcience than-he. But Inftances of this kind are obvious, and occurr to the thoughts ofall,fo that they need not be repeated. I (hall then Phew, Depths of raft, What in: particular it intended by the depths and intan- Sin,where- . to whereinto gracious foils after much i 8 laments on the account o n they ffin, Communionwith God may be calf. Secondly, Whence it comes topall, thatfo they may be, and that oftentimes f) they are. Firft, For the Firff, forme or. all of thefe things. following do eoncurr to the Depths here complained of. Fail, Loftof the wonted pule of the Love of God which the foul did formerly enjoy. There is a twofold fenfe of the Love ofGod, whereof Believers in this world may, be made partakers. There is the tranfient aiîfing of the heart by the Holy Ghoft, with ravifhing unfpeakable joyes, in apprehenfionof Gods Love, and our Relation unto him. in Chrift. This, or the immadiatc effe6} of ir, ir called, joy unfeal¿able and full ofglory, r Pet, r. 8. The Holy Ghoft (pining into the heart, with a clear evidence of the fouls intereft in all Gofpel Mercies, caufeth it to leap far joy, to exult,, and- triumph in the Lord ; as being for a eafon carried above all Cafe and thought of fin, felt, temp- tation,. or trouble.. But as; G.odzives.the bread of his HDttfe unto,