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Ver.4. evidencing Forgivenef,. baptized ; was becaufe they thought they had no fin, and there- in we know their miftake. But I treat not now of thefe things; only this I fay is certain, that in the prefcription of this Ordinance unto his Church , the great Intention ofthe Lord Chrift was to afcertain unto us the forgiveneß offins. And finners are invited to a participation of this Ordinance for that End, that they may receive the pardon of their fins ; that is an infallible pledge and Affurance of it, Alls 2. 38. And the very nature of it declareth this to be its End, as was before intimated. This is another engagement of the Truth and Faithfulnefs and Holinefs of God, fò that we cannot be de- ceived in this matter. There is, faith God forgivenrß with me ; faith the foul, howLord (hall I know, how (hall I come to be afiured of it, for by reafon of the perpetual Accufations of Confcience, and the Cure of the Law upon the guilt ofmy fin, I find it a very hard matter for me to believe : Like Gideon I would have a Token of it : why behold faith God,1willgive tbee a pledge and a token of it which cannot deceive thee. When the world of old had been overwhelmedwith a deluge of waters by rea- fon of their fins, and tbofe who remained, though they bad juff caufe to fear that she fame judgement wouldagain befall them or theirpofierity, becaufe they faw there was like to be the fame caufe of it, the thoughts and imaginations of the hearts ofmen being evil hill, and that continually to fecure them againfi thefe fears, hold them that Iwould defiroy the earth no more with water and I gave them a token of my faithfulneß therein, by placing my bow in the cloud. And bave I failed them ? though the fin and wick ednef?of the world hash been Once that day unffeakaby great, yet mankind is not drowned again, nor ever (hall be : I will not deceive their expeaation from the token I bave given them. Wherever then thereis a word of promife confirmed with a token, neverfear a difappointment. But fo is this matter. I have declared that there is forgivenef? with me, and to give you affurance thereof, l have ordained thin pledge and fign, as a Peal ofmy word, to take away all doubts and fuff icion of your being deceived. As the world Jhall be drownedno more; fo neither (hall they who believe, come (port of forgivenef7 And this is the Vfe which we ought to make of this Or- A a 3 dinance,