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i 6 The Nature andExtent of. /ùpplies of Grace, P.f4i.i30 . may iuch a condition ; as alto whence it is that often- times, they atíu:r/ly do fo. The Na- Whence it it that Believers may he brought into depths -4n the ac- ture and tent of count offin. Nature of the firpplies of Grace given in the fuppliesof Covenant. Hotsfar theyextend. Prineip,'es of the power Grace ac of fin. cording to the Cove- Firû, The Nature of the Covenant wherein all Believers now naps. walk with God, and wherein all their rnhvie provifion for obedi- ence is enwrapped, leaves it poff'ihle for them to fall into thefe depths that have been mentioned. Under the fu t Covenant, there was no mercy or forgiveneft provided for any fin. It was neceffary then that it fhould exhibit a fufciency of Grace to pre{erve fronbeverylin, or it could have been of no Life at all. This the Rieoufnefs of God required, and fo it was. To have made a Covenant wherein there was no provifion at all of pardon, and not a fuftciency of.Grace to keep the Covenanters from need of pardon, was not anfwerable to the Goo.{nets and .nigh teoutnefs of God. But he made man upright who of his own accord fought out many inventions. It is not fo in the Covenant of Grace ; There is in it pardon provided-in the blood of Chritíl; It is not therefore of indi- ienfiblenece ty that there fhonld be adrninitlred in it, Grace of Plualy preferving from every fin : Yet is it on all accounts to be preferred before the oth-=r. For b°fìdes the relief by pardon which theother knew nothing of,there is in it alío muchprovifion againtl tin whichwas nor in the other. Firft, There is provifion made in it, rc ain,f all and everyfin that woulddifannul/ the Covenant, and make a final fparation be- tween God and a foul that bath been' once taken into the bond- thereof. This provifion is abflute ; God bath taken up- on himfelf the making Of' this good and the efiabl;fhing this Law-of the Covenant, that it fhan not by any fin Ee difannulIed, Jer. j2. 40. Twill' ( faith God) make an everlaffing Covenant with them, that I will not turn away from them to do them good, but Iwillput my fear into their hearts, that they (hall not depart from me. The feeurityhereof depends not on any thing in our (elves.