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Ver.1,2. Depths ofSin, wherein they conrif. fiery indignation,as to the prevailingapprehenfon of their minds. And, Sixthly, God Pretty fends his Arrows into the f ul, that mound and gall it, addingpain, trouflr, and diffuietneß to its difeonfola- Lion. Pfalm 38. 2. Thine arrows (lick faff in me, and thy hind preffeth me fore. Ever and anon in his walking, Goi fhot a fharp piercing arrow, fixing it-on his foul that galled, wound- ed, and perplexed him, filling him with pain and grievous vexation. Thefe arrows are Gods rebukes, Pfal. 3 9. I r . When thou with rebukes doff corgi manfor iniquity. God speaks in his Word, and by his Spirit in the Confefence, things (harp and bit- ter to the foul, faflning them fo as it cannot thake them out. Thefe lob fo moúrnfully complains of, Chap. 6.4. The Lord fpeaks words, with that efh;acy, that they pierce the heart quite through ;. and what the iffue then is, David declares,Pfal.38 3. ThereN no f undnefl, faith he, in myfíefh, becaufe of thine anger, nor is there any reff in my bones becaufe of my fin. The whole perfon is brought under the power of them, and all health and reti is taken away ; and Seventhly, Vnf3iritedneßand difability unto Duty, in dointg or fttfring, attend fuch a condition, Pfal. 40. 52. Mine iniquities have taken hold upon me,f5 that Iam ndt able to lookup.Hisiiritual ftrength was worn away by fin, fo that he was not able to ad- dref;himfeIf unto any communion withGod. The foul now cannotpray with life and power ; cannot hear with jly and profit ; cannot do good and communicate with cheerfulnefs and freedom ; cannot meditate with delight and heavenlyminded- net's ; cannot altfor Godwith zeal and liberty, , cannot thinkof fufring withboldnefs and refolution ; but isfiek, weak,feeble and bowed down. Now, I fay, a gracious foul after much communion withGod; may on the account of tin, by a fenfe of the guilt of it, be brought into a Rate and condition, whereinfime, more, or all of thefee, with other, the like perplexities , may be ,its portion. And thefe makeup theDepths whereof the Pfalmiff herecom.. plains. What are the fins, or of what forts, that ordinarily cati the fouls of. Believers into thefe depths thall be afterwards declared. I fhall now fhew both whence it is) that Believers Ma)