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20 The Nature andExtent o, f, &c. Pfal. i 3 failings, all infirmities, that is not provided for, not pronged in this<Covenant. It is a Covenant of mercy and pardon, which fuppofeth a continuanceof tin. To fall utterly and finally from God, that is abfllutely'provided againtl. Between there two extreams of abfiluteperflion, and total ApoJtafie, lyes the large Field of B,lievers obedience and walking with God. Many a fweet heav;:nly paffage there is, and many a dangerous depth in this field. Some walk near to the one fide, tome to the other ; yea, the fame pertòn may fometimes preis hard after Perfe6tìon, fometimes be calf to the very border of del1rudion. Now between there two, lye many a foul-plunging fin, againfi which no abfolute provifion is made, and which for want of giving all diligence to put the means of prefervation in pra dic%, Believers are oftentimes overtaken withal. Fourthly, There is not in the Covenant of Grace, Provifion made of ordinary andabiding confolation, for any under the guilt of great ins, or fins greatly aggravated, which they fall into by a negleôfof ufing and abiding in the forementioned con - ditions of abounding aúual Grace. Sins there are , which ei- ther becaufe in their own nature they wound and watfe con- fcience, or in their !pills break forth into fcandal, caufing the name of God and the Gofpel tobe evil fpoken of,. or in fome of their circumflances, are full of unkindnefs againfl God, do deprive the foul of its wonted .confolation. How, by what means, on what account fuch fins come to terrifie confcience, to break the bones, to darken the foul, and to cafi it into inex- tricable depths notwithfianding the relief that is provided of pardon in the blood of Chrifi, I (hall not now declare; that they will do fo, and that Confolation is not of equal extent with fafety, we know. Hence God affumes it tohimfeifas an alb of meer Soveraign Grace, to Peak, peace and refrefhment unto the foulsof his Saints in their depths of fin entanglements, ¡fa. 57. 18, 79. And indeed if the Lord had not thus pro- vided, that greatprovocations, íhould ¡land in need offfecial re- liefs, it might jufily be feared, that the negligence of Be- lievers, might poulibly bring forth much bitter fruit. Only this mull be obferved by the way, that what is fpoken relates to thefenfe of finners, in their own fouls, and not to the nature