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Ver.1,2. The Powerofindwellinrg-S1>,. 2 I nature of the thing it felt. Tncre is in the Go(pel, conflation provided againti the greate)t', as well as the leaf£ tins. The dif- ference arifeth from Gods Sovragn communication of it, according to that tenor of the Covenants Adminiftration, which we havelaid down. Hence becaufe under Mofrs's Law there was an exception made of Come fins, for which there was no Sacrifice appointed, fo that thole who were guilty of them could no way be ju(1ifiedfrom them, that is carnally, as to their intereft in the Judaical Church and Polity ; Paul tells theJews, Ads 13. 38, 39. That through Jeftrs Chrift was preach- ed unto them the forgivenefl of fins, and that by him all that believe are jufiified from all things, from which they could not be jujfifledby the Law ofMoles. There is now no exception of any particu- lar fins, as to pardon, and peace ; but what we have fpoken relates unto the manner and way, wherein God is pleafed to adminifter confolation to the fouls of finningBelievers. And this is the Evidence which I (hall offer to prove, that thefouls of Believers , after much Gracious Communionwith God, may yet fall into inextricable depths on the account offin ; whence it is that allually they oftentimes do fo, [hall be farther de- clared. The Principles of this Afï'ertion, are known, I [hall therefore oePo1r only touch upon them. Iron Sin. Firfl, Thenature of Indwelling-fin, as it remains in the bete of the Saints in this life, being a little confidered , will evidence untous, from whence it is that they are fometimes furprized, and plunged into the depths mentioned. For, Ertl, Though the (frength of every fin be weakned by Grace, yet the root of nofin, is in this life wholly taken away. Luft is like the flubborn Canaanites, who after the general conquett of the Land, .would yet dwell in it í{i11, Judg..17. 12. indeed when Iliad grew firong they brought them under tribute, but they could not utterly expell them. The Kingdom and Rule belongs to Grace ; and when it grows firong it brings fin much under; but it will not wholly be driven:out. The Body ofDeath, is not utterly to be doneaway, but inand by the Death of theBody. In the Alb of the heft Saints Acre dwelletbno D 3 good