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30 The fècond vole opened. Pfal.r30. The Duty andAWngs of a Believer-under difrefs froma fenf offan. His Application unto God. To God alone. Ear- nJtneß andintention of mind therein. The fe The words of thefe two firfi Vertes declare alto the deport- cond Verfe ment of the foul in the , condition that we have defcribed opened. that is, what it doth, and what courte it lteers for relief. I have cried unto thee O Lord, Lord hear my voice, let thine ears be atten- tive to the voyce ofmy fupplicaticns. There is in the words a General Application made in a ten- dency unto rcleif; wherein is Ertl to be confidered, to whom the Application is nude ; and that is J E HOV AH. I have cryed unto thee Jehovah. God gave out that Name to his peo- ple to confirm their faith in the liability of his Promifes; Exod. 3. He who is BEING himfelf, will affuredly give being and fubfifiance w his promifes. Being to deal with God, about thepromifes of grace, he makes his Application to him under this name. I call upon thee Jehovah. In the Application it Pelf, may be obferved, irlt, TheAnt.bropopathy of the Expreflion. He prayes that God would caufe his ears to be attentive : after the manner of men who ferioufly attend to what is fpoken to them , when they turn afide from that which they regard nor. Secondly, The Earneftneßof the foul in the work it hathin hand , which is evident both from the Reduplication of his re- queer, Lordhear my voyce, let thine ears be attentive to my voyce, and the Emphaticalneß of the words he maketh ufe of. Let thine ears faith he, be rinwp Diligently Attentive. The word :tignïhes the molt diligent heedfulnefs and clofe attention; let thine ears be very attentive; and unto what; 111]I"tl1 '71 '7 to the voice ofmy fupplications : deprecationum mearum generally lay Interpreters ; ofmy Deprecations ; or earnefi prayers for the averting of evil , or puniíhment. But the word is from Gratiofus fuit ; to begracious or merciful ; fo that it figni- ties properly fupplications for grace. Be attentive, faith he, O Lord, unto my fupplications for grace and mercy, which accord- ing to my txtrcam rteceflity, I now addtefs my fell to make unto