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Ver: I,2. AClings of f a Believer, ei:/-c. 3 I unto thee. And in thefe words doth thePfalmiff Cet forth in' general the frame and working of a gracious foul, being caft into depths and darknefs by fin. The foundation ofwhat I (hall farther thence purfue, lyes . in thefe twoPropofitions. ./ Firft,. The only attempt of a finful entangled foul for relief yes in an application to God alone. To thee Jehovah have I cry- ed, Lord hear. Secondly, Depths of fn entanglements will put a gracious foul on intenfe and earneft application unto God ; Lord hear, Lord attend. Dyingmen do not ufe to cry out flothfully for relief. What may be thought neceffary in general for the direction of a foul in the (late and condition defcribed, (hall briefly be Ipoken unto from thefe two Propofitions. Firfi, Trouble, danger, difquietment, arguingnot only things.Altingsof evil, but a fenfe in the mind and foul of them, will of them- a Believer under di- felves put thofe in whom they are uponPeeking relief. Every flrefs from thing would naturally be at ref:: A drowning man needs no finy. Exhortation to endeavour his owndeliverance and fafety. And fpiritual troubles will in like manner put men on attempts for relief. To feek for no remedy, is to be fenfleflyobdurate or wretchedly defPerate, as Cain and judos. We may fuppofe then that the principal bufinefsof every foul in depths, is to endeavour deliverance. They cannot ref( in that condition, wherein they have no ref(. In this endeavour what courfe a . gracious foul (leers, is laid down in the firfl Propofition, ne- gativelyandpofitivel. He applyes himfelf not to any thing. but Gad, he applyes himfelfunto God. An eminent inflance we have of it in both parts ; or both to the one fide and the other , Hof. Lq.. 3. A¡hnr, fay thofc poor diftreffed returning: finners, , fhall not fave us, we will not ride upon Horfes , neither will we fay any more to the wort, of our hands, ye areour Gods, for in thee the fatherleß findethmercy. Their application unto God, is ate tendedwith arenunciation of every other wayof relief Several