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Vera ,2. than ordinary now, is to do nothing at all. He that puts forth no more ftrength and ad ivity for his deliverance when he it in when depths, ready to perith, than he doth, t need s to do, like to he is at liberty in plain and fmoothi paths, Y of&ape. Some ( in fuch conditions ) are carelefs and negli- gent ; they think in an ordinary courte, to wear off their di- flempers ; and that although at preterit thtt which frame f their danger ; they (ball yet have peace at ; n there is much contempt of God. Some defjond and languith away under their preifures. Spiritual (loth influenceth both thef: forts of perlons. Let us fee the flame under conliiderarion exemplified in another. We have an instance in the Spouse, Cant. 3. 'I, 2, 3. She had loft the pretence of Chriff ; and to was in the very Rate and condition before described, v. r. It was night with her, a time of darknefs and dilconfolation ; and the leeks for her Beloved : By night on my bed I f ught himwhommy foul loveth. Chritt was abfent from her, and the was left unto depths and dartneß upon that account. Wherefore the fukt for him ; but as the molt arc apt to do in the like state and con- dition. She mends not her pace, goes not out of, or beyond her courfe of ordinary duties ; nor the frame the was fa u ll j in at other times. But what is the iffue . faith the, not. This is not a way to recover a fenfe of loft Love ; nor to get out of her entanglements. And thisputs her on ano- ther co'arfe ; the begins to think that if things continue in this eftate, the {hall be undone ; I go on indeed with the per- formance of duties fill, but I have not the prefence of my Be- loved; I meet not with Christ in them. My darknefs and trouble abides fill ; if I take not Come other courle, t thall be lots. Well faith the, I will rife now, v. 2. I will shake off all that eat and floth, and cuffomarinefl, that cleave to me. Some more lively, vigorous course muti be fixed on. Refolutions for new, extraordinary, vigorous, conftant Applications unto God, are the firft general ftepand degree , of a fin intangled foul af,}ing towards a recovery, Iwill rife now. And what doth the do when the is thus refolved > I will, faith the, go about the fitreets, and in the broad wayes, and leek himwhommy foul loveth. I will leave no wayes or means unattempted, whereby may Fz poffibly in Applications unto God. 35