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34 EarnefinerSof à difirefcd finsi Pfal.i 30. andgo to the Affjrian, Hof. 5. i 3. And this intèntibly leads men intoAtheifrn. Frequent Applications of Creature diverfionr un- to convictions offin, are a notable means of bringing on final ítnpenitency. Some Drunkards had it may be never been fo, had they not been fir ti convinced ofother fins. They firive to llifle the guilt of one fin, with another. They fly from them- felves, unto themfelves, from their confciences unto their lulls; and reek for relief. from fin by finning. This is fo far from Be- lievers, that they will not allow lawful things to be a diversion of their difirefs. Vfe lawful things they may and will, but not todivert their thoughts from their dillreffes. There they know muti be ifï'ued between God and them. Wear offthey will not, but mutt be taken away. There rocks, and the like whereof there are innumerable, I fay, a gracious foul takes care tó avoid. He knows it is Godalone who is the Lord ofhis Confcience,where his depths lye; God alone againtt whom he hath finned ; God alone who can pardon his fin. Fromdealing with himhe will be neither enticed, nor diverted. To thee 0Lord, faith he, do I come ; thy word concerning me mutt fluid ; upon thee will I wait; if thou haft no delight in me I mull perifh. Other re- medies I know are vain. I intend not to fpend my ttrength for that which is not bread. ?into thee do I cry. Here a fin -in- tangled foul is to fix its fell. Trouble excites it to look for relief. Many things without it prefent themfelves as a diverG- on ; many things within it , offer themfelves for a remedy. Forget thy forrow fay the former ; eafè thy fell of it by us, fay the latter ; the foul refufeth both , as Phyfitians of no value; and to God alone, makes its Application. He hath wounded, and he alone can heal. And untill any one that is fenfible of the guilt of fin, will come off from all referves to deal immedi- ately with God, it is invain for him to expet relief. Earneftnefs Secondly,Herein it is intenfee,earneff, and urgent,whichwas the erf adiítref fecond thing obferved. It is no time now to be floathful. The fed foul in fouls All its reat( concernments at the flake. Dull, cold, its Appli g > cations unnformal, cutiomary Applications to Godwill not ferve the turn. 3o God. Ordinary adings offaith, love, fervency ; ufual feáfons, oppor- tunities, duties, aufwer not this condition. To do nomore than