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a Grounds of Earn fnet Pfal. 30. gious fecurity in Jonah, that he was fail afleep when the Ship wherein he was, was ready to be call away for his fake. And will it be thought lets in any foul, who being in a tiorm of wrath and difpleafure from God, feat out into the decpafter him, (hall neglect it, and fleep, as Solomon (ayes, on the top of a Malt in the midit ofthe Sea ? Howdid that poor creature whofe heart was mad on his Idols, Judg. 18. 24.. cry out, when he was deprived ofthem ? You have takten awaymy Gods, faith he, and what have Imore ? And f1143-11 a gracious foul lofe his God, through his own folly, the fenfe of his love, the confolation of his pretence, and not with all his might follow hard after him ? Peace with God, joy in believing, fuch fouls have formerly ob- tained ; Can they live without them now, in their ordinarily walking, can they choofe but cry out with Job, O that it were with ur, as in firmer dayes, when the candle of the Lord war upon our Tabernacle, Chap. 29.2, 3, 4. and with David, OLord re/}ore unto me the joy offalvation, Pfal. 5 I. 12. for Oh my God, I re- member former enjoyments, and my foul is ca/t down within me, Pfal 42. 6. They cannot live without it. But fuppofe, they might makea lorryfhift to pats on in their pilgrimage, whilli all is fmooth about them ; what will they do in the time of outward tryals and diflreffrs; when deep caileth untodeep, and one trouble excites and sharpens another : Nothing thenwill fupport them, they know, but that which is wanting to them; as Hab. 3. 17, 18. P(al. 23.4. So that the greatnefs of their concernment, provokes them to the earnelinefsmentioned. Secondly, They have a deepfeenfe ofthefe their great concern - menti, All men are equaiÿ concerned in the Love of God, and pardon of fin. Every one hath a Paul of the fame immortal conflitution, equally capable of blifs and wo.. But yet we fee moll men are foftupidly fottifh , that they take little notice of thefe things. Neither the guilt of fin, nor the wrath of God, nor death, nor Hell, are thought onor efteemed by them ; they are their concernments, but they are not'frnfible of them. But gracious fouls, have a quick living fend of fpiritual things. For, Firfi, They have a favmnn firitual light whereby they are able to difctrn thexrue nature of fin, and the terror of theLord. For