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Ver.r,2. in its Applications unto God. 39 lror though they are now iuppofed to have luit the comforting light of the Spirit ; yet they never loofe the fanaif5ing light of the Spirit; the light whereby they, a his never thole ly tern Cptritual things in a ípiritu fin to be exceedingfin ul departs from them. By tbk they fee f gfi f ,. Rom. 7.13. By this they know the terror of the Lord, 2 Cor. 15. i 1. And that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of tba living God, Htb. io. 31. By this they dífcover theexccllency "of the love of God in Chrift, which paffethknowledge , the pre- Cent fenfe whereof they have loft. By this they are enabled to lookwithin the vail, and to take a view of the bleff.d confo- lationswhich the Saints enjoy, whole communion with God was never interrupted. Ibis reprefents to them all the fweet.. nefs, pleafure, Joy, Peace, which in former dayes they hac whilft God was prefent with them inLove : By this, are they taught to value all the fruits of the blood of Jefüs Chrift, of the enjoyment of many whereof they are at prefent cut fhort and deprived. All which, with other things of the like nature and importance make them very fenfible of their concern- merits. Secondly, They remember what it co(i them formerly to deal with God about tin ; and hence they know it is no ordinary matter they have inhand. They mull again to their old work; take the old cup into their hands again. A recovery from depths is as a newconverfion. Oft -times in it, the whole work, as to the fouls apprehtntion, is gone over afrefh. This the foul knows to have been a work of dread, terror and trouble, and trembles in it fell, at its new tryals. And, Thirdly, The Holy Gholt gives unto fuch poor fouls, afrefh fenfe of their deep concernment!, on purpofe that it may be a means to fir them up unto thefe carnet Applications unto God. Thewhole work is his, and he carries it on, by means fuited to the compaUing of the end he aimeth at. And by thefe means is .a gracious foul brought into the framementi- oned. Now there are fundry things that concur in and onto this frame. ir(f;