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Ver.3 , Pr0p0(ithons from Verfe 3 . 47 tenor of the Law, is a thing juh of dread and terror to the foul ofa firmer. But this is not all ; he is not fwallowed up in this amazement, crying out only who can Hand ? there is included in the words, a through fincere Acknowledgement of his own fin, and the guilt thereof. Mentioning the defert of fin , in his own cafe, he acknowledgeth his own. So that, Thirdly, Sincere finfee and Acknowledgement offin, with felf- condemnation in the Juffification ofGod, is the ftrff peculiar e#ecial working of a gracirius foul riling out ofits entanglements. All this is included in thefe words. He acknowledgeth both his own guilt, and the Righteoufnefs of God, ifhe thould deal withhim according to the demerit of tin. And there things lye in the words ablolutely confidered; But the (fate of the foul here reprefented,cárries us on farther. He refs not here,as we thall fee in the opening of the next Verfe, the chief thing aimed at in the whole. And as a tranfition from the one to the other, that we may fill carry on the general deftgn at the entrance laiddown ; we muff take along with us this farther obfervation. Fourthly, Though felffcondemnation be an eminent preparatiordf or the difcovery of forgivenefl in God; yet a poor di(frefd foul is not to reif in it, nor to refl upon it, but .topafs on to the embracing of forgivene f it felt. There is yet a general propofition lying in the words, that we may make ufe ofin our paffage; and it is this, Gods marking of iniquities, and mans falvation are everlaffingly inconfiftent. mean his marking them in theperfons of thefinned, for theends before mentioned. Offomef onducetlh farther treat, elpurpofe inhandng as the hand- lingof them which I (hall begin withal, is that which was HI laid down about the effeds thetenor of thesLaw; concerning whc,h Gods fin according to faid, is the firff thing that prefents it fell unto a fin entangled foul in its addreffes unto God. But this {hall not pafs alone, I (hall draw the two ñrtl Ob fervations into one, and make ufe of the firff only in the confir- mationof the other ; whiah-willexprefs the fenfe of words abfolutely