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46 Tropo itzons f ror» Yerfe 3. Pfal. i3o. What firft prefents it felt to a foul in dif}reß on the account of fin. This opened in four Propofitions. Thoughts ofGods marring fin according to the tenor of the Law full ofdread and terror. Propofiti- ons from Verte 3. What depths thePf1mill was in,hath been declared; in them, what Refolution he takes upon himfelf to fee%, to God alone for relief and recovery, hath been alto fhewed ; and what earneff- nef? in general he uteth therein ; Addrefling himfelf unto God in thät frame, with thatpurpofe and refolution, the firft thing he fixethon in particular is thegreatnl? of his fin , and guilt, according to the tenor of the Law. It appears then, that, Firft, In afin perplexedfouls addreffes unto God, the firff thing that prefeents it felfunto him, u Gods marring fin' according to the tenor of the Law. The cafe is the fame in this matter with all forts of tanners; whether before converfion, or in relapfes and entanglements after converficn. There is a proportion between Converfion and Recoveries. They are both wrought by the fame means and wayes; and have both the fame effects upon the fouls of finners, although in fundry things they differ, not now to be fpoken unto.What then is fpoken on this head, may beapply( d unto both forts ; to them that are yet unconverted, and to them who are really delivered from their Bate and condition ; but efpecially unto thofe who know not whether (fate they belong unto, that is, to all guilty fouls. The Law will put in its claim to all. It will condemn the fin, and try what it -can do againtt the fanner. There is no thaking of it off; it ¡nuit be fairly anfwered, or it will prevail. The Law ifíues out an arreff for the debt ; and it is to no purpofè to bid the Serjeant be gone, or to entreat him to fpare. Ifpayment be not procured, and an acquittance produced, the foul mutt to pri- fon. I amgoing unto God faith the foul. He is great and terrible, a marker of tin, and what (hall I fay unto him ? This makes him tremble, and cry out, O Lord who 'hall !land ? fo that it appears hence,that, Secondly, Serious thoughts of Gods marking fin according to the tenor