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Ver.3. with Mojes , I exceedingly quake and tremble. There things work on their minds the conclufon mentioned before, as afferted in there words ; namely, that Gods marking of fin according to the tenor of the Lary, andmans falvation , are utterly inconfjient , a conclufon, that mutt needs shake a foul, when preffed under a fenfe of its own guilt. When a Perronwho is really guilty, and knows himfelf to Gods be guilty, is brought unto his tryal, he hath but there four ma and grounds of hope that his fafety and his tryal may be confifient. mans f ;1 Hemay think that either ( i. ) The Judge will not be able to vation in- find our, or difcover his crimes ; or (2. ) That force one will conrìt nr- powerfully intercede for him with the Judge : or (3.) That the Rule of the Law is not fo (lriGSt as to takenotice ofhis mif. carriages; or (4.) That the penalty of it, is not fo févere but that there may be a way of efcape. Cut him fhort of his expatiations fromfome, one, or all of there, and all his hopes muff ofneceflity perish. Andhow is it in this cafe ? Firs}, Of the Judge we have fpoken fomewhat already. The prefent enquiry is, whether any thing may bebidfrom him or no; and fo a door of efcape beopened to a (inner. The Apo- file tels us, that all things are open andnaked unto him,Heb.4 12. and the Pfalmilt, that there it not a thought in our hearts, nor a word in our tongue, but he under hat tanner kiowsofhi- it altogether, Pfal. 139. 2, 4 feif, that may caul him to fear, that God knows. And whit he knows not of himfelf, that defirves his fear, that Godknows al- fo ; for he it greater than our hearts , and knnweth all things, I John 3.20. When God (hall not only fet in orderbefore the finger, the fecret fins, which a e retains nts untohm, remembrance ofi of alto brings to mind and p filth and folly, which either he never took any real notice of, or hath utterly forgotten, it will trouble him, yea confound him. Secondly, But may not this Judge be intreated to pars by what he knows, and to deal favourably with the firmer ? May not an Interceffor be obtained toplead in the behalfof the guilty. foul ? Eli determines this matter, r Sam. 2.25. If one man fizz H z againff Gods marking Sin, die.