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50 Terror arifing from, &c. PfaLt 30. ThoughMofes grew old, yet hisflrengthnever failed. Nor hath his Law, the Law given by him, loft any thing of its Jlrength, power, or Authority towards (inners. It is Rill accompanied with tlundrings and lightnings as of old. And it will not fail to reprefent the terror of the Lord to a guilty foul. Among theSaints themfelves I could produce inflames to rnanifeft that they have found it to be thus. The cafes of Job, David, Heman are known. I thall only confider it in Cbrifl himfelf. From himfclfhe had no occafion of any difcou. raging thought; being holy, harmlef, undefiled. He fulfilled all Iiighteoufnefs, did his Fathers will in all things, and abode in his Love. This mull needs be attendedwith the highefl peace, and molt blefï'ed Joy. In the very entrance of his tryals , he had a full perfwafi n of a comfortable iffue and fuccefs ; as we may fee, Ifa. 50. 7, 8. But yet when his foul was exercifeel with thoughts of Gods marking our iniquities upon him, it was forrowful unto the death. He was amazed and very heavy, Mark 14.33. His Agony, his bloody fweat, his thong cryes and fupplications, his reiterated prayers, if it be poffible let this cup pall fromme, hislal1 dreadful cry , My God, my God, why haft thou forfallen me , all manifefi what apprehenfions he had, of what it was for Godto mark iniquities. Well may poor (in- ners cry out, Lordwho fhall fland ? when the Son ofGod him- Pelf, fo trembled under the weight of it. In ferious thoughts of Gods marking fïn,he is reprefented unto the foul under all thofe glorious terrible Attributes and Excel- lencies which arè apt to beget a dread and terror in the hearts of (inners, when they have no relief from any Covenant en- gagements in Chrift. The foul looks upon him as the great Law-giver, James 4.12. able to revenge the breach of at, by detlroyingbody, and foul inHell fire ; as one terrible in holincfs, of purer eyes than to behold iniquity; So alto in Greatnefs and in power ¡the Living God, into wholehands it is a fearful thing to fall ; , as attended with vindibive Jultice, faying Vengeance is mine, andIwill recompence, Heb. 10. 30. Now for a foul to confider God, cloathedwith all thefe dreadful and terrible Ex- cadencies, coming to deal with tanners according to the te- nor of his fiery Law' , it cannot but. make him ery out With