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ofGofel conviclhionsfór Sin. attended with infrequent fighs and ejaculations , little be- come a returning foul. And Thirdly, It is Practical. It is not feated only in .the#ecte- L ive part of the mind, hovering in general notions ; but it dwell!' in the pratlical ,undergancing, which effectually inf - enceth the Will and Affections. Such anApprehenfion as from which Jorrow and humiliation are infcparable. The acts of the praaical underlianding, ço fo ncceffarily produce, together with them tuitable as of the Will and AffLuions, that fome have concluded that thofe are indeed proper as of the Will, which are ufually afcribed to the VnderJlanding. It is fo in the mind, as that the whole foul is cati into the mould and likenefs of it humiliation, forrow, felfabhorrency, do live. and dye with it. Fourthly, It bath in the firfl place, refped unto the Law of God. There can be no due confideration of fin, wherein the Law hath,not its place. The Law calls for the finner,and he wil- lingly gives up his fin to be judged by it. There he fees it tobe exceeding frnful, Rom. 7. 17. Though a Believ, r be left' under the power of the Law than others, yet he knows moreof the Authority and nature of it than others. He fees more of its JJiirituality and holinefs. Aid the more a man fees of the excellency of the Law , the more he fees of the vileneß of fin. This is done by a foul in its firfi endeavour for a recovery from the entanglements of fin. He labours throughly to know bat difiafe, that he may be cured. It will do him no good, he knows, to be ignorant of his diftemper, or his danger. He knows that if his wounds be not fearched to the bottom, they will Oink and be ,corrupt. To the Law then he brings him- felf andhis fin. By that, he fees the vileneß of tie one, and the danger of the other. Mott men lye Rill in their depths, becaufe they would willingly efcape thefi*flep of their riling. From the bottom of their mifery, they would fain at once be at the top of their felicity. The foul managed in this work by theHoly Ghoti doth not fo. He converfith with the Law brings his fin unto it and fully hears the fentence ofit. When thefin is throughly condemned, then he farther takes care of thefnner. As ever you deläxe to come to reff, ;void not this I entrance 57