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Ver.3 . ofGoffielconvitJionsfor Sin. `i9 and Earth afloniJhed at the deffüftng of that Love , at w.úch they are áflonifhed? This brake Peters heart upon the look, of Chriff. Such words as thefe from Chrifl, will in this conditi- on, found in the ears of the foul. Did I love thee, and'leave my glory to become a (corn and reproach for thyfake ? Did I not think my life, and all that was dear unto me toogoodfor thee, to lave thee from the wrath to come ? Have I been a Wildernejl unto thee, or a land : f darknefl ? What could I have done more for thee ; when I hadnothing left but my life, bloodand foul, they went all Jr o the th,:t thou mightefl live by my death, be wafhed in my blood, and be Paved throrcgh my fouls being made an offering for thee ? And haft thou thus requited my love ? to prefer a lull before me, the world before me, rr by meer floth and folly to be turned away from me; go unkind and unthankful foul, and fee if thou canft find another Redeemer : This overwhelms the foul, and even drowns it in tears and forrow. And then the bitternefs alto of the futferings ofChrifl, are brought to mind. They look on him whom they have pierced andmourn, Zech. i 2. IO. They remember his gall and wormwood ; his cryes and tears ; his agony and (wear, his defertion and anguith ; his blood and death ; the fharpnefs of the Sword that was in his foul, and the- bitternefs of the Cup that was put into his hand. Such a foul now looks on Chrifl, bleeding, dying, wrejfling with wrath and curie for him, and feeth his fin in the fireamsof blood that illued from his fide. And all this encreafeth that fenfe offin whereof we fpeak. Alfa, Fourthly, It relates to the communion and confolations of the Holy Ghofi, with all the priviledges, and fruits of Love we are by him made partakers of. The Spirit is given toBelievers upon the promife ofChrifl to dwell in them. He takes up their hearts to be his dwelling place ; to what ends and purpofes ? that he may purifie and fanaifie them, make them holy, andde- dicate them to God ; to furnifh them with Graces and gifts, to intereft them in priviledges ; toguide, lead, direft, comfort them ; toPeal them unto the day of Redemption. Now this Spirit is grieved by fin, EpheC 4. 3o. and his dwelling place de- filed thereby, i Cor. 6. 19. and 3.17. Thoughts hereof great- ly fharpen the fpiritual fenfe of fin in a recovering foul. He confiders, what Light, what Love, what Joy , what Confola- T z tioD,'