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do Acknowledgement ofSin, P61.130, tion, what Priviledges it hath by himbeen made partaker of; what motions, warnings, workings tokeep it from fin, it hath found from him ; and (ayes within it felf; What have I done, whom have I grieved, whom have I provoked; what if the Lord Jhould nowfor my folly and ingratitude utterly take ..his holy Spirit fromme ? What if I should have fo grieved him that he will dwell in me no more, delight inme no more ? What difmal darkncf,' and diJconfolation, yea, what utter ruine fhouldI be left unto ? However, what shame and confufion offace belongs to me for nzy wretched dif ingenuity, and ingratitude towards him ? This is the firj} thing that appears in the returning fouls ac`s- ings and frame ; a fncere fenfe of fn on the accounts mentioned wrought in it by the Holy Ghoff. And this a foul in the depths described, muff come unto, if ever it expel or look for deliverance, and a recovery. Let not fuch perlons expec`f to have a renewed feule of mercy, without a revived fenfe of fin. Acknow Secondly, Fromhence proceedeth an ingenious, free, gracious ledgement Acknowledgement offin. Men may have a f nrj of fin , and yet of fin, the fuffer it to lye burning as a fire (hut up in their bones, to true nature their continual difquietment, and not be able to come off unto of i` a free foul opening acknowledgement. Yea, confeffion may be made in general, and mention thereinof that very fin where- with the foul is molt intangled, and yet the foul come (port of a due performance ofthis Duty. Confider how the care flood withDavid, Plal. 32. 3. When I Dept silence , my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long. How could Davidkeep filence, and yet roar all the day long ? What is that filence which is confifient with roaring? It is a meer negation ofthat duty, which is exprefled, v. 5 . that is intended. I acknowledge my fins unto thee,and mine iniquities I have not hid. It was not a f lence of fubmitlion and waitingon God that he intends. That would not have produced a wailingof his fpiritual lirength, as he complains this filence did ; My bones waxedold; nor yet was it asullen, (tubborn and contumacious frame that was upon him but henotes, faith Calvin, ( and he fayes .well) of i>tum qui medius eff inter tolerantiam & contumaciam, vitio virtuti' afnis; An a f Ilion between patience and ffubbornef bordering on she