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64 self -condemnation, wherein it con l xs. Pfal. z 3 0; from his large and infinitely bountiful expence of Grace and Mercy. Now nothing can render Grace co/licuores and glo- rious, until the foul come to this frame. Grace will not feem NO, until the foul be laid very low. And this alto fuits or prepares the foul for the receiving of mercy, in a fenfe of par- don, the great thing aimed at on the part of the firmer. And it prepares it for every duty that is incumbent on him in that condition wherein he is. This brings the foul towaiting with diligence and patience. If things prelì:ntly anfwer not our expeaatiòn, we are ready to think; we have done what we can ; if it will be nobetter we mull bear it as we are able; which frame God abhors. T1 :e foul in this frame is con- tented to wait the pleafure God , as we Ihall fee in the clofe of the Pfalm ? Oh faith fuch an one ; if ever I obtain a fenfe of Love, if e;,er I enjoy one (mile of his countenance mare, it is of unfp%akable Grace. Let him take his own time , his own fealon ; it is good for me quietly to wait, and to hope for his falvation. And it puts the foul on prayer ; yea a foul aiwayes in this frame , prayes alwayes. And there is nothing more evident , than that . want of'a through engagement into the performance of thefe duties, is the great caufe why fo few come clear offfrom- their en- tanglements all their dayes. Men heal their wounds [lightly and therefore after a new painful feftering, they are brought into the famecondition of ze[llefnefs and trouble, which they were in before. Grounds