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Ver.3 . carriages inpertns, &c. GrotnIs of mifcarriages when perfms are convinced offin and humbled. Refting in thatfiate. Refting on it. The foul is not tobe /ft in the fate before defcribed. There aÍesain is other work for it to apply it felf unto, if it intend to come age is unto Reft and peace. It hath obtained an eminent advantage convinced for the difeovery of Forgivenefl. But to rest in that (tate where- of fin. in it is, or to reft upon it, will not bring it into its harbour. Three things we difcovered before in the fouls firfl ferious ad- drefs unto God for deliverance; fenfe offin, acknowledgement of it, and fill-condemnition. Two evils there are which attend men oftentimes, when they are brought into that fate. Some reft in it, and prefs no farther ; fome reft upon it, and fuppofe that it is all which is required of them : The Pfalmift avoids both there, and notwithiianding all his preffures reacheth out towards for? ,r'neß, as we {hall fee in the next verfe. I thall briefly unfold thefè two evils, and thew the neceflity of their avoidance. Fir[l, By refiing or flaying in it, I mean the fouls defponding through difcouraging thoughts that deliverance is not to be ob- tained. Being made deeply fallible of fin, it is fo overwhelmed with thoughts of its own vilenefs and unworthinefs, as to fink under the burden ; Such a foul is afiiEied and tofd with tempefts and not comforted, Ifa. 54. i r. until it is quite weary. As a Ship in a form at Sea ; when all means of contending are gone, men give up themfclves to be driven and toiled by the Winds and Seas at their pleafure. This brought Ifrael to that fate wherein he cryed out, My way is hid from the Lord, and my judgement is paffed over from my God, Ifa. 40. 27. and Zion; The Lord bath forfaken me, andmy Lord bath forgotten me, Chap. 49.14. The foul begins fecretly to think there is no hope ; God regardeth it not ; it fhall one day perifh, relief is far away, and trouble nigh at hand. Thefe thoughts do fo op- prefs them, that though they forfa%e not God utterly to their defiru Lion, yet they draw not nigh unto him offC,tually to their confolation. This is thefiq evil that the foul in this condition is enabled to