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To the Reader. ability of mind for which it fbould be f eem. ed. Eut. it is not expreffible horn great a rifiake, `flab perfbns through, their own darkne and ig. vorance do labour under.. In '. a rig ss' t f j iritual underfanding, in a due perception and comprehen- fon of thefe. things, the th'ngs of the fins. of Alen und Grace of God,. conlilts the greatef part of, that zvfdcm, of that foundncf of mind,, of that know - ledge rightly.fb called, which the Gofpel commands, exhibits and puts a valuation upon. To reveal and declare them unto others in words of Truth and soberncfs, ft and meet to expreß them unto the are - derfaizdzngs of men opened and enlightned by the fame fpirit, by whom the things themle are ori- ginally revealed, to. derive filch cred , f (ritual Truths from the Word, and by a. due preparation to communicate and apply them to the Souls and Gon- f iences of men, contains a principal part of that min f erial .skill and . ability, which are required in tee. di enfers of the Gofel and wherein a fevere exert ife. of fou.ad learning, judgement, and care is neceffary to be found, and may be joy exprefd. Into this 7reafcrie towards the Service of . the HoKf of God, it is, that I have call my mite in the en.- fling Expoftion and cdifourfes on the i 3cth. Pfalm. The de(gn of the. Holy Ghof was therein to expres and reprefent . in the Perron and condition of the Pfalmií} the. cafe of a foul intangled, and ready to be .cverzrhelnred with the guilt of fin, relieved by A, difovery of Grace and. Forgivenefs' in God, with its, deportment upon a participation of that re- lief 4f:er. the Expoftion of the words of the Text,