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yo Thefooth Yerfe opened. Pfal.r3ó: Verre 4. be Words explained, and the de tgn or fcppe of the Pfalmift . in themdi cóvered. : . The fourth He fate and condition ofthe faul makingApplicationunto Verfe God in this Pjalm is recounted, v. r. It was in the depths ; 'opened' not only Providential depths of Trouble, Afliidion , and per- plexities thereón ; but allo depths of confeience, difirets on the account of fin, as in theopening of thofe words path been de- clared. The Application of this foul unto God , with reftleß fervency and earnefinefs, in that {late and condition ; its confederation in the firft place of the Law and the feverity of Gods Juftice in a proceedure thereon ; with the inevitable ruine ofall fanners, if God infiti on that way of dealing with them, havealfo been opened and manifefled from the foregoingVerret. Being in this efface, perplexed in its fell, loft in and under the confederation of Gods marking iniquity according to the tenor of the Law ; that which it fixes on, from whence any relief, flay or fupportment might be expelled in fuch a condition, is laid down in this Verfe. Ver. 4. But there isforgiveneßwith thee, that thou maiftbefeared. I (hall fitti open the words as to their fignification and im- portance; then thew the design of the Pfalmíft in them, with reference to the foul whole condition is here reprefented ; and lattly propofe the general Truths contained in them, wherein all our concernments do lye. . There is forgiveneß, ixaaµas fay the LXX. andHierom accor- dingly Propitiatio; propitiation : which is fomewhat more than venia, or pardon, as by Ionic it is rendred. 7re rt condonatio ipfa ; forgiveneß its felt. It is from tlikiD to