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Ver i hefozrrth verfè opened. to (pare, to pardon, toforgive, to be propitious : and is oppofed to "Ibrl, a word compoled of the fame letters varied ( which is common in that Language ) fignifying to cut off, and de(froy. Now it isconflantly applyedunto Sin, and expreffeth every thing that concurrs to its pardon, orforgiveneß. As, Intl, It expref eth the Mind or Will ofpardoning, or Gods gracious readineß to forgive, Pfal. 86. 5. Thou Lord art good MD, and ready to forgive; xp isòs ; benign and meek; or fparing, propitious. Of a gracious merciful heart and na- ture. So Nebem. 9. 17. Thou art O God 11111110 propitiati- onum, ofpropitiations or pardons ; or as we have rendered it ready to forgive; a Godof forgivenefs; or all plenty of them is in thy gracious heart, Ira. 55. 8. So that thou art alwayes ready tomake out pardons to [inners, The word is ufed again Dan. 9. 9. to the fame purpofe. Secondly, It regards the as of pardoning; or .aIual forgive - nefl it fdf, Pfal. 103. 3. n tofil who forgiveth all thine iniqui- ties ; aó}ualiy difchargeth thee of them : which place the Apotile refpeting renders the word by xa4Qdtcsv&-, Col 3 13. Having freely forgiven you ( for fo much the word imports ) all your trefPa(fes. And this is theword that God ufeth in the Covenant, in that great Promife ofGrace and Pardon, f er. 31. 34. It is warrantable for us, yea necrffary to take the word in the utmofl extent of its figni&cation and ufe. It is a word of fa- vour, and requires an interpretation tending towards the en- largement of it. We fee it may be rendered ia.aa .as or pro- pitiation ; xdgrs or Grace; and veniaor pardon; and may de- note thefe three things. Firfl, Thegracious, tender, merciful Heart and Will of God who is the Godof pardons and forgivenefì ; or one ready to forgive, to give out mercy, to add to pardor. Secondly, A refpedi unto lefts; Chri i, the only »xcµós2 or propitiation for fin, as he is exprefly called, Rom. 3. 25. i John 2. 2. And this is that which interpofeth between the gracious heart of God, and the a4tual pardon of frnners : All forgivencß is founded on propitiation. Thirdly,